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at_elvis.jpg 16k The King warms up
marcus_115.jpg 28k Marcus shows the youngsters how it's done
rison_9-8.jpg 34k Rison stuns the Raiders
a_elway.jpg 23k John Elway, meet Derrick Thomas
kc54yds.jpg 44k Chiefs celebrate 54 yard game winner against Denver
kcc54yds.jpg 62k Chiefs carry Stoyo off the field
rison8.jpg 17k This guys pretty good
lake_td_sd.jpg 33k A beautiful catch by Lake Dawson
elvis.jpg 41k Chiefs celebrate last second victory against Oakland
rison_spike.jpg 53k this is a thing of beauty
mcmillian_buffalo.jpg 42k Mighty Mouse stuns the Bills
15chief9.jpg 23k Vanover burns the Chargers
20no11.jpg 25k Vanover burns the Saints
chiefs31.jpg 30K Rison in the playoffs
chiefs22.jpg 22K our 1997 season slips through Lake Dawson's fingers
a_allen.jpg 12k The Great One retires
10marcu.jpg 19k Marcus and DT say their goodbye's
anders.jpg 34k Kimble shows he is quite nimble
tony2.jpg 32k Tony Gonzalez scores his first NFL TD
rison4.jpg 19k Spiderman
20chiefs.jpg 22k Soul Mates
rison_winning-td.jpg 24k Watch the Raiders cry !
montan03.gif 87K Joe Montana about to connect with Marcus Allen
thomas01.gif 59K Derrick Thomas trying out for a job as an official
2kan.jpg 42k Marcus cuts the corner against the Patriots
marcus.jpg 37k Marcus scores rushing TD #110 in Denver
oilers4.jpg 32k Dale Carter steals one from Chris Sanders
09raider14.jpg 34k Marcus leaps the pile
23derric.jpg 26k Derrick Thomas sacks John Elway again
0922kcden.jpg 20k Marcus finds a gap in the Broncos defense
18vanovr.jpg 22k Tamarick Vanover drags a Seattle defender
08allen.jpg 53k Marcus finds the goal-line against the Steelers D
packer04.jpg 26k Dale Carter and Mark Collins smother a Packers receiver
packer09.jpg 39k Dale Carter goes airborne to deflect a pass
packer02.jpg 55k Greg Hill in his one (and only) moment of greatness
xmrcus3.jpg 31k Marcus Allen breaks Jim Bown's all-time rushing TD record
vanove02.jpg 38k Tamarick Vanover streaks down the sideline in Denver
smith04.gif 85k Neil Smith puts the fear of god into a Minnesota running back
KcWolf.gif 15K Our beloved mascot
covlarge.gif 59k A recent Sports Illustrated cover predicting our Chiefs VS the Packers in Super Bowl XXXI
bono_den.jpg 51k Steve Bono throws against Denver
32_sd.jpg 60k Marcus Allen sprints down the sideline agianst San Diego
td_110.jpg 46k Marcus Allen scores his record tying 110th rushing touchdown against the Vikings
Some of my Photoshop digital image adventures
marcus110.jpg 47k A digital image of Marcus scoring his 110th rushing TD