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1998 Chiefs Screen Saver
for Windows 95 / 98 / NT

Look Here for a Sneak Preview
  1. This screen saver will only run under Windows 95 / 98 or NT.

  2. For best results your monitor must be running in 256 colors or greater.

  3. You should have 16 megs of memory or greater.

  4. You should have at least 6 megs of hard drive space free, 10 megs during the install.

  5. The author will not provide technical support.

  6. Download the file from the link below.

  7. Run the chiefs_98.exe file from the temporary directory.

  8. The screen saver will be installed into the Windows
    directory and the chiefs_98.exe file can then be deleted.

  9. The screen saver can be set up from the
    Display Menu under the Control Panel.

  10. If you want to delete the ScreenSaver after it is installed, find and delete 1998_kcc.scr and 1998_kcc_.exe in your windows directory.
Download Your Free 1998 Chiefs Screen Saver, 2.5 Mbs