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Hyper Button 2 is the new, vastly improved version of the original, award winning Hyper Button ( a JARS TOP %5 Web Applet ). The new totally redesigned version handles multiple buttons, each with their own URLS, targets, captions, status messages, and font sizes. There is no longer autosizing of the captions as was previously in Hyper Button. In this version you can set a base font size for all buttons, then override the size for any individual button using its font size parameter. The same functionality is used for the target location of each button. You can define the applet to have as many buttons as you wish, and you can define how many Rows and Columns you would like them to be displayed in. the buttons are displayed from the top left to the bottom right. You can safely define more areas ( Rows * Columns ) than buttons, but not vice-versa, this will produce an error. There are two separate button types you can choose fom as well, your standard raised rectangle , and my custom rectangle with beveled edges. Also if you're having a hard time figuring out the exact size for the applet, you can look in the Java console in Netscape for the answer.


    Single Parameters

  • Buttons - # of Buttons you want the applet to display, [defaults to 1]
  • Rows - # of rows Buttons are distributed across [defaults to 1]
  • Columns - # of Buttons in each Row [defaults to 1]
  • ButtonWidth - width of each individual button in pixels [defaults to 50]
  • ButtonHeight - height of each individual button in pixels [defaults to 25]
  • hspace - space above and below each button in pixels [defaults to 0]
  • vspace - space to the left and right of each button in pixels [defaults to 0]
  • Base_Target - defines the "default" target for all URL's [defaults to _self]
  • Button_Type - 1 = rectangle with beveled edges, 2 = normal raised rectangle type [defaults to 1]
  • BG_Color - hex value for applets background [defaults to blue "0000ff"]
  • Button_Color - hex value for button color [defaults to lightGray "c0c0c0"]
  • Caption_Color - hex value for "unfocused" text color [defaults to black "000000"]
  • Caption_Focus_Color - hex value for "focused" text color [defaults to green "00FF00"]
  • Base_Font_Size defines the "default" font size to use for al buttons [defaults to 12]
  • Font_Name - choose from TimesRoman, Helvetica, and Courier [defaults to TimesRoman]
  • Font_Style - choose from Plain, Bold, Italic, BoldItalic [defaults to Bold]
    Multiple Parameters (X is the parameter number, from 1 to # of Buttons)

  • UrlNameX - absolute or relative URL for button to link to [defaults to my site]
  • status_messageX - message to display in status bar [defaults to "Link to: UrlX"]
  • targetX - which window or frame to open the link in [defaults to value of Base_Target Parameter]
  • font_sizeX - font size for the button [defaults to value of Base_Font_Size Parameter]
  • CaptionX - The text you want displayed on the button [defaults to "Your text here"]

Sample Applet Tag (for the applet above)

<applet code="Hyper_Button2.class" width=390 height=340>
<param name=Buttons value="7">
<param name=Rows value="4">
<param name=Columns value="2">
<param name=ButtonWidth value="80">
<param name=ButtonHeight value="60">
<param name=h_space value="20">
<param name=v_space value="10">
<param name=Base_Font_Size value="18">
<param name=Base_Target value="_blank">
<param name=Button_Color value = "0000d0">
<param name=BG_Color value="000000">
<param name=Caption_Color value ="ffffff">
<param name=Caption_Focus_Color value="c800ff" >
<param name=Font_Name value = "Helvetica">
<param name=Font_Style value = "BoldItalic">

<param name=UrlName1 value="http://www.sun.com/">
<param name=Target1 value="_parent">
<param name=Caption1 value="Sun">
<param name=status_message1 value="Sun Microsystems">
<param name=font_size1 value="20">

<param name=UrlName2 value="http://www.microsoft.com/">
<param name=Target2 value="_top">
<param name=status_message2 value="Evil Doers of the Computing world">
<param name=Caption2 value="Microsnot">
<param name=font_size2 value="18">

<param name=UrlName3 value="http://www.yahoo.com/">
<param name=Target3 value="_self">
<param name=status_message3 value="The search engine">
<param name=Caption3 value="Yahoo!!">
<param name=font_size3 value="16">

<param name=UrlName4 value="http://www.jars.com/">
<param name=Target4 value="_top">
<param name=status_message4 value="sex sex sex">
<param name=Caption4 value="JARS">

<param name=UrlName5 value="http://www.scsu-cs.ctstateu.edu/~savidge/j-chiefs.html">
<param name=Target5 value="_top">
<param name=status_message5 value="My Kansas City Chiefs Site">
<param name=Caption5 value="KC Chiefs">
<param name=font_size5 value="32">

<param name=UrlName6 value="http://www.starwars.hasbro.com/">
<param name=Target6 value="_top">
<param name=status_message6 value="Star Wars Collectibles">
<param name=Caption6 value="Star Wars">

<param name=UrlName7 value="http://www.espnet.sportszone.com/">
<param name=Target7 value="_top">
<param name=Caption7 value="ESPN">



The Hyper_Button2 applet is available for free download for PERSONAL USE ONLY.
All that I ask is a simple e-mail telling me where you plan on using it.
There is a commercial version available for those of you who
want to use this on commercial ("for profit") sites.
You can e-mail me at savidge@scsud.ctstateu.edu
The zip file you download will contain the class files as well as HTML documentation.

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