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About jTextEffects applet

jTextEffects was originally going to be a small improvement to my previously made Simple Text Scroller.

After a short time working on Simple Text Scroller (I did add hyperlinking capabilities) I decided it was time to totally rewrite this applet to include text fading as well as scrolling, multiple message capabilities and optional hyperlinking capabilities, in addition to making it totally object-oriented.

If you are interested in trying your hand at Java programming you can download the base classes I designed to build this applet here. These classes will perform the basic procedures of scrolling and fading for you.

This applet was originally designed for the Official WebSite of the New York Mets.

Parameters for using jTextEffects applet

  • Single Parameters
    • messages - the number of messages the applet will cycle through, [defaults to 1]
    • speed - 1 to 10, with 1 being the fastest, [7 is the default]
    • BgColor - hexadecimal string , [defaults to Black]
    • TextColor - hexadecimal string , [defaults to white]
    • Font_Size - [default is 24]
    • Font_Name - TimesRoman, Helvetica, or Courier, [TimesRoman is the default]
    • Font_Style - Plain, Bold, Italic, or BoldItalic, [Bold is the default]

  • Multiple Parameters (X is the parameter number, from 1 to # of messages)
    • messageX - text to be displayed
    • directionX
      • 1 = scroll left to right , [default]
      • 2 = scroll right to left
      • 3 = scroll bottom to top
      • 4 = scroll top to bottom
      • 5 = fade in, pause, fade out
    • UrlNameX (OPTIONAL) link associated with message (absolute or relative)
    • TargetX (OPTIONAL) window to open link in, [_self is default]
    • status_messageX (OPTIONAL) message to show in status bar when mouse is over a "linked" message in the applet
      The Following parameters take the same arguments as their names in the single parameter section
      They are all Optional, and will default to their value in the single parameter section
      A value specified will only affect the message it is associated with.

    • TextColorX
    • Font_SizeX
    • Font_StyleX
    • Font_NameX

Sample Applet Tag

<applet code="jTextEffects.class" width=300 height="80">
 <param name=BgColor value="0000b0">
 <param name=TextColor value="ffffff">
 <param name=speed value="4">
 <param name=messages value="8">

 <param name=message1 value="jTextEffects">
 <param name=direction1 value="5">
 <param name=Font_Size1 value="38">
 <param name=TextColor1 value="000000">

 <param name=message2 value="by James Savidge">
 <param name=direction2 value="4">
 <param name=UrlName2 value="mailto:savidge@scsud.ctstateu.edu">
 <param name=status_message2 value="E-mail me!">

 <param name=message3 value="About this applet">
 <param name=UrlName3 value="jTextEffects-right.html#about">
 <param name=Target3 value="right">
 <param name=status_message3 value="Learn about this applet">

 <param name=message4 value="Parameters">
 <param name=direction4 value="2">
 <param name=UrlName4 value="jTextEffects-right.html#parameters">
 <param name=Target4 value="right">
 <param name=status_message4 value="Parameters to use this applet">
 <param name=Font_Style4 value="BoldItalic">

 <param name=message5 value="Sample Applet Tag">
 <param name=direction5 value="3">
 <param name=UrlName5 value="jTextEffects-right.html#sample">
 <param name=Target5 value="right">
 <param name=status_message5 value="Sample Applet Tag for this applet">

 <param name=message6 value="Download jTextEffects">
 <param name=direction6 value="5">
 <param name=UrlName6 value="jTextEffects-right.html#download">
 <param name=Target6 value="right">
 <param name=status_message6 value="Download this applet for your own use">
 <param name=TextColor6 value="00FF00">
 <param name=Font_Size6 value="24">

 <param name=message7 value="More Java Applets by J. Savidge">
 <param name=direction7 value="1">
 <param name=UrlName7 value="jTextEffects-right.html#more">
 <param name=Target7 value="_top">
 <param name=status_message7 value="More of my Java Applets">

 <param name=message8 value="Kansas City Chiefs">
 <param name=direction8 value="5">
 <param name=UrlName8 value="http://www.scsu-cs.ctstateu.edu/~savidge/j-chiefs.html">
 <param name=Target8 value="_top">
 <param name=status_message8 value="My Kansas City Chiefs Site">
 <param name=TextColor8 value="F00000">


Download the jTextEffects applet

The jTextEffects applet is available for free download for PERSONAL USE ONLY.
All that I ask is a simple e-mail telling me where you plan on using it.
There is a commercial version available for thos of you who want to use this on commercial ("for profit") sites. You can e-mail me at savidge@scsud.ctstateu.edu
The zip file you download will contain the class files as well as HTML documentation.

Download Me