Hyper Button

Hyper Button, a JARS Top 5% Web Applet, is an interactive, hyperlinking multi-state button. As of now it comes in two styles, a raised rectangle style, and a beveled box style. It is fully mouse reactive and is easily customized through parameters.

Hyper Toolbar

Hyper Toolbar, a JARS Top 25% Web Applet, mimicks the IE3 and Netscape 4.0 button bars, by letting the user specify separate images for the different states of the button. This applet supports 1 or multiple buttons, in either horizontal rows or vertical columns. This applet is aslo fully mouse reactive and easily customized through parameters.


jTextEffects is a ticker-tape type of applet, which allows multiple messages to be displayed, each one in any of 5 styles, 4 directions of scrolling, and fading in and out. This applet fully supports frames, and each message can be associated with a separate URL and target. This applet is aslo fully customizable.

Virtual BlackBoard

I wrote Virtual Blackboard for a question and answer type of application within a java course for IBM. The applet works somewhat like the magic 8 ball. The applet will retrieve multiple text files from a server, and then fade them into the display area when the mouse passes over a designated area. The current version is not very customizable, but as soon as I get a chance, I will write a more practical version of this applet.

Simple Text Scroller

Simple Text Scroller simply scrolls a message repeatedly in one direction, and can as a hyperlinking mechanism.


jTime is a somewhat configurable digital clock which can easily be added to one's web page.


jDate is a standard applet which will display the current date on one's web page, in one of several styles.


jHostName will make your users think their identity has been revealed by displaying their machine name and domain name.

Expiriment in Multi-Threading

This applet demonstrates some of Java's multithreading capabilites by running several clocks at once, yet updating them at different intervals. Source code is provided, so you can begin building your own multithreaded applets


Scroller.class is a generic class which can be embedded into an application or applet and take care of all of the common tasks involved with text scrolling, including updating the scroll position and drawing the scrolling message. This class includes full API documentation.


Fader.class is another generic class which can be embedded into applications or applets and take care of all of the common tasks associated with text fading, including updating the color shade to draw the message in, and drawing the message itself. This class also includes full API documentation