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Simple Text Scroller v 1.9

by James Savidge

If you want to use this applet download the necessary files here

  To use this text scroller in your web pages you need to include the following parameters in the HTML.

<Param name = message value ="your message here">
You must include a message or the applet will drop to a default message

<Param name = speed value ="">
Acceptable values are:
  • 1 - 10
  • 5 is the default
<Param name = direction value ="1 - 4">
  • 1 = right to left : this is the default
  • 2 = left to right
  • 3 = bottom to top
  • 4 = top to bottom
  Optional HyperLink Parameters

<Param name = UrlName value =" ">
  • A valid URL ( relative or absolute ) that cause the scroller to act as a hyperlink
<Param name = Target value =" ">
  • Where the URL in UrlName will open. This can be a user defined frame name, or any of the Magic Target names.
  • The default is "_top"
  <Param name = BgColor value =" ">
Background color.
Accepts Hexadecimal RGB values in the format used to specify color in HTML so you can easily match the background of your web page. This must be a six digit/character string or else the Background color will default to white.
  • 4b9fd0
  • c0c0c0
  • etc..

<Param name = TextColor value =" ">
Text Color.
Accepts the same Hexadecimal type arguments as the BgColor.
The default is black.
  < Param name = autosize value = " ">
The font size of the message will automatically be scaled down if it is to large for the applet. This scaling is dynamic and depends on the scroll direction.
Acceptable values are:
  • on
  • off : Default
< Param name = font_size value = " ">
Set font size.
if this is left blank default size is 24.

< Param name = Font_Style value = " ">
Acceptable values are :
: This is the default

< Param name = Font_Name value = " ">
Acceptable values are :
: This is the default
Other Fonts will ba added in the future.
HTML Parameters for the applet above

<applet CODE="scroller.class" width=300 height=100>
<PARAM NAME="message" VALUE="Have Fun!!">
<param name = "direction" Value ="3" >
<param name = "BgColor" value = "DA00da">
<param name = TextColor value = "000000">
<param name = speed value = "slow">
<param name = Font_Style value = "BoldItalic">
<param name = Font_Name value = "Helvetica">