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Hyper Toolbar Applet v1.0

by James Savidge

About Hyper Toolbar

Hyper Toolbar is an applet which mimicks the IE 3.0 and Netscape 4.0 button bars. Use of this applet is very simple. You can use gif's (normal, transparent, or animated) or jpegs. Hyper toolbar is fully frames compatible and is very small (8k) for quick loading. Use the parameters listed below for optimum performance.
For best results be sure all images are the same size.

You can download Hyper Toolbar here.

The author ( me ) assumes no responsibility, and makes no guarantees about the software.
If you like the software and plan on using e-mail the author for possible later versions or improvements which may not be listed here.

Parameter Names Possible Values
Width & Height Use a special formula to determine the width and height of the applet.

(Image size + v_spacer) + (h_spacer * number of buttons)

(Image size + h_spacer) + (v_spacer * number of buttons)

If this is too complicated Netscape users can run the applet and look in the java console for the proper size.
Buttons The number of buttons you want in the toolbar
Direction 1 for a vertical toolbar.
2 for a horizontal toolbar.

1 is the default.
bgcolor The color for the applets background
This should be entered in Hex format.

The default color is white.
msgcolor The color for the Please Wait... Images Loading message.
This should be entered in Hex format.

The default color is blue.
h_spacer The number of pixels padding the images horizontally
This is eqaully distibuted on both the top and bottom of the image.
The default is 0.
v_spacer The number of pixels padding the image vertically
This is eqaully distibuted on both the left and right of the image.
The default is 0.
The following parameters must be specified for each button on the toolbar
for example - grey1 , grey2 , ... grey6. repeat this for colorx, linkx, and targetx.
greyx The name of the grey (or standard) image.
colorx The name of the color (or hot) image.
linkx The link for the image to follow.
This can be relative (local) or absolute .
If an absolute link is used you must the protocal
eg. http://www.yahoo.com
targetx Enables frames support
Supports the standard frames targets, as well as user defined frame targets.
The default target is "_top"

Here is the applet tag for the applet to the left

< applet code="toolbar.class" width=180 height=280>
< param name="buttons" value="4">
< param name="h_spacer" value="30">
< param name="v_spacer" value="30">
< param name="bgcolor" value="ffffff">
< param name="msgcolor" value="000000">
< param name="grey1" value="staff1.gif">
< param name="color1" value="staff2.gif">
< param name="link1" value="http://palace.norwalk.com">
< param name="target1" value="_top">
< param name="grey2" value="gallery1.gif">
< param name="color2" value="gallery2.gif">
< param name="link2" value="http://palace.norwalk.com">
< param name="target2" value="_top">
< param name="grey3" value="ftour1.gif">
< param name="color3" value="ftour2.gif">
< param name="link3" value="http://palace.norwalk.com">
< param name="target3" value="_top">
< param name="grey4" value="whtsnew1.gif">
< param name="color4" value="whtsnew2.gif">
< param name="link4" value="http://palace.norwalk.com">
< param name="target4" value="_top">